How to Choose a Plasma Cutter

Buying can be a risky task, especially for those who are making their first-ever purchase. Without having the proper knowledge about what you want to purchase it would more likely be a waste of money. And for a tool like a plasma cutter; there is a lot you need to consider.

While many would suggest you keep your budget in mind and choose the high-quality gear from the available slots, this article has something more to shed light on.

Now that you have landed on the right page, let’s figure out how to choose the plasma cutter that works in an efficient manner.

How to Choose a Plasma Cutter

Buying a plasma cutter is not something that you do on a daily basis. Likewise, if you purchase the wrong one there is no chance you will replace it on the most obvious parameters. However, the below-mentioned points would save you from the wrong purchase.


The first and foremost thing you should be concerned about a plasma cutter is its reliable and high-quality build. While purchasing make 100% sure that the machine features durability in each of its components and provides longevity throughout the performance. For that, we recommend you choose a reputable brand.

Plasma cutting rating

Always choose the plasma cutter that can handle maximum metal thickness to cut. And for that, we recommend you to choose the high cut rated machine. The machine is commonly available in the cut ratings of Severe Cut, Quality Cut, and Rated Cut. Hence make sure what the ideal cutter is for you keeping your working routine in mind.

Air compressor

The air compressor is another important thing that matters in purchasing. Plasma cutters are available in either a built-in air compressor or the external air compressor supply to make plasma. So while you are buying this machine, you need to keep your preference in mind. Although the plasma cutter with an in-built air compressor is expensive yet it also comes along with added ease.

Weight of the machine

While many would not think it has a crucial buying factor but the reality is, that the weight of the plasma cutter matters! Usually, you will find the plasma cutter 20 lb right up to 100lbs for pro-level industrial tasks. So opt for the handy plasma cutter tool if you have to carry it around. But the point to be noted here is lightweight plasma cutters are not efficient enough to cut thicker metal but heavy ones do.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of the plasma cutter would let you use it without interruption for longer times. If you hike up the voltages, the duty cycle will decrease. In a plasma cutter opt for the high percentage number for the given Amp.


Voltage management in a plasma cutter is inseparable. For a plasma arc cutter, there are majorly three options such as 115V, 230V, or a dual voltage cutter that has both of these voltages within. Mostly, 115V is suitable for novice metal workers, whereas 230 volt demands a dedicated generator to work with. And for the dual voltage, you have the freedom to pick the volt setting as you require.

Operating Cost

The consumption rate of the plasma cutter is again another important parameter. This is something that varies from machine to machine. You need to readily research it for the best possible plasma cutter buying. Usually, a Hypertherm plasma cutter is cost-effective but it’s preferred due to the low operating cost.

The Cutting torch

The cutting torch of the plasma cutter is what helps in having an efficient workflow. Its length is important to determine during the buying process. A longer torch is important for dealing with heavy and large metals.


This was pretty much about how to find a good plasma cutter and what factors are crucial to be careful about. Factors like plot arc for arc stability, and cut quality for the smoothest and seamless cut always matter in the best purchasing approach all it depends on what type of work effectively level you want. In the end, you need to prefer the gear that is efficient to let out quick, sharp, and high-quality cuts.


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