How Hot Is Plasma Cutter

Chances are you already know that welding and metal fabrication involve too much temperature. But there are high chances you don’t know the exact temperature range!

Before you know how to use a plasma cutter it is also important to take a note of how hot a plasma cutter is or how hot it can get. Since you already know a plasma arc cutter is known to cut or slice through the metals including stainless steel, it indicated its powerful heating capabilities to slice metals like a cinch.

The plasma cutter is efficient enough to cut 200 inches of a metal sheet per minute. So it means its heating capabilities are literally on fire! Although the heat of plasma cutters is not limited as of yet, many metal fabrication engineers and professionals are working on hiking up the heat. Well, that’s for later, but in today’s article, we shall only talk about plasma heat limit to date.

While some metals require specific temperatures to be treated professionally, it’s crucial to know the limit of heat that a plasma cutter offers you! So let’s read on!

How hot is a plasma cutter?

Since plasma cutting melts down the heavy-duty metals sheets, it already shows off its powerful heating range. In this process, the ionized gas is used which easily gets to 20000 °C.

The plasma cutter works on different glasses (nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and oxygen) followed by the electrically initiated arc to target the metal surface. The temperature of the plasma is superhot. So typically speaking, the plasma cutter heat is efficiently able to get to the apex point of 25,000 degrees Celsius in other words; you can say that the heat is much more than the sun’s surface which is comfortably 5,505 degrees Celsius!

The heating enhancement in each state of matter hikes up drastically. By seeing it with an example, it has only 2° F to make the solid-state of matter into liquid. And it would take 212° F to make the liquid state of matter into a gaseous state. Then this temperature increment furthermore increases into the plasma state which is certainly and significantly higher, with 10,000°. For plasma cutting jets, the temperature easily elevates to 40,000° F, or 22,000° C.

Is a plasma cutter dangerous for its heat?

Statements and indications like whether plasma is hotter than the sun or earth’s core can really scare any beginner metal worker. Although the plasma cutter reaches the superhot point of temperature, it is not something that you cannot handle. By wearing a protective kit, dealing with temperature ranges, eye care protection, and a heat-retardant bodysuit you have the privilege to master the skill of using a plasma cutter.


If there is heat involved in some process that is too excessive, you need to be careful about dealing with it. In this article, we shed light on the heating point of a plasma cutter. According to some data analysis and measurements, the plasma cutter can get to the temperature of 45,000 degrees Fahrenheit, or 25,000 degrees Celsius. We hope you have got the idea and it has helped you in clearing major doubts.


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