How to Use Plasma Cutter for Auto Sheet Metal

If you don’t know how work is done, chances are, you do it wrong altogether. But you can keep off the damages to both the work and yourself, and learn the proper way of doing a task. For a precise process like plasma cutter dealing, you cannot afford to be an armature.

Although plasma cutters are efficient enough to cut diverse metals such as steel, stainless, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, titanium, Inconel, and other matter regardless of their thickness or thinness, for that matter, yet for a sheet metal cutting process it demands a pro-level handling approach.

So, in this article, we shall learn and find out how to use a plasma cutter for auto sheet metal, step by step.

Using Plasma Cutter for auto Sheet Metal

One of the most successful and perhaps the most accurate ways of auto sheet metal cutting is through laser technology. The laser cutting machine for industrial sheet metal is incorporated and the results are worth appreciating. The laser technology features the laser beam source, a processing head with a cutting nozzle that directs the laser, and the laser guide for the beam!

Cutting auto sheet metal using laser technology has become more like a standard. Many companies opt for this high-tech approach for its accuracy and great results. Mainly by cutting the auto sheet metal, the thickness of the penal is set as 50 millimeters for stainless steel, 40 millimeters for steel, and approximately 25 millimeters for aluminum metal.

So if you are still wondering about how a plasma cutter tool is used for sheet metal cutting, here is your answer.

As you already know, a plasma cutter is a machine that is mainly useful for metal cutting and fabrication using heat, so this tool melts the material with the gas jet in plasma conditions. It is used at high speed via water or air-cooled gas nozzles. For cutting sheet metals, plasma cutters use compressed gas, mainly oxygen/ inert gasses that work effortlessly to make the cutting process seamlessly powerful.

When the electric arc forms due to the highly pressurized gas between the electrodes that is just near the nozzle, the plasma is pretty much ready to operate. Usually, the plasma cutter’s arc is the ionized gas and thus; it initiates the electrically conductive plasma medium for proper metal sheet cutting.

As mentioned above, the gas is highly pressurized and has a high temperature it hikes up to the 30,000°C temperature range. This temperature is just right and cuts the metals and metal sheet like a chance.


We hope this article about how to use a plasma cutter for auto sheet metal has been a helpful read. However, we still recommend you give a read to how to use a plasma cutter in the first place. If you know how this tool works, it will surely help you cut several kinds of metals with varying thicknesses. The above-described process of plasma cutter working for sheet metal cutting would significantly help you in having the finest final results.

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