How to Use The Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutter tools need to be handled with utmost care. While you are working with metal fabrication and its cutting process, it is highly important for you to follow the safety measures and guidelines exactly as they are told. However after you have worn the safety kit, and you’re on the spot of work, the next question becomes how to use a plasma cutter.

The best part of using a plasma cutter is that it is significantly easier to use and operate even for a beginner metal worker. However, in this article, we shall learn exclusively about how to use a plasma cutter with jargon-free tips.

Using The Plasma Cutter

Select the spot and plugin

First of all, you need to locate the working location. The place should be dedicated, safe and offer the privilege of metal cutting. You cannot choose to use a plasma cutter in the middle of the porch where everybody is coming and going. After finding the place, plug in the plasma cutter while the unit is still turned off.

Initiate the air

After that, you need to connect the external air compressor to the plasma cutter as it makes sure that the plasma stream is under high pressure. Withdraw the outer flange to fix the fittings into a suitable connection.

Initiate the air and clamp

At this point, turn on the airflow and keep the lever at 90-degrees from the airline to the inline distance and fix the ground the clamp. Place the metal you are using on the table and securely secure the ground clamp right where you want to cut it from.

Turn on the plasma cutter

Now turn on the plasma cutter by switching the button and set the current as per the need. For instance, 25 for 18 ga metal sheet.

Do the cutting

Now the real work starts. Cut the metal by using a trigger on the gun that initiates the plasma cutter. For cutting the metal sheets, always keep the plasma cutter nozzle near the metal. For professional results, you can also use the guide to trace the exact template. Make sure to turn off the plasma cutter machine the moment you finish the work.

The final step is – Disconnect it

After you have finished cutting the metal sheet, disconnect the ground clamp from the metal sheet and turn off the air. For air turn or rotate the lever at 90-degrees from the inline the same way, you have done previously to turn it on. Moreover, make sure to wrap the plasma gun line and airline along with the ground line for the next plasma cutting process.


Using the plasma cutter is nothing difficult at all. The simple process is also pretty much user-friendly. However, there are a lot more factors that you need to be careful about such as how thick a plasma cutter can cut and what metals can it seamlessly cut. We strongly recommend you get the supervision near you while you operate this machine as a novice to keep off injury or metal damage.


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