What Is Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutters can be of any type, but have you heard about pilot arc plasma cutters for metal fabrication ever? We assume not! Plasma cutters have readily evolved. Now you see multiple features and an upgraded functionality of this tool that specifically deals with the metal fabrication process.

Although every plasma cutter has the basic and pretty direct purpose of working and that is none other than cutting. However, with each of its different types, we have the most dedicated and the finest working approach that is especially best to deal with certain types of metal.

Since it is pretty easy to cut metal of different nature, types, and conditions for that matter, the metal fabrication process demands to have the tool that accord with each working demand. So, let’s find out what this pilot arc plasma cutter is in that regard!

What is a pilot arc plasma cutter?

Previously, the plasma cutters were used to work on high frequency and higher voltages along with the spark gas that was the medium of electricity via air.

However, if we talk about the pilot arc plasma cutter, it is efficient enough to deal with little to no slag around the metal! With a pilot arc plasma cutter, you get the freedom to cut the metal without even touching the tip up to the metal surface. It brings its ultimate high quality along with the enhanced quality of the cutter. Pilot arc cutters are masters to cut rough or rigid metal exteriors and painted surfaces of metal without compromising on the quality at all.

So if you are wondering about what a pilot arc plasma cutter is, you might have cleared many doubts by now. And if not, then here are the further explanations you want to read!

How does it Work?

If you are working as a metal fabrication worker, you already know about a plasma arc cutter. What could make you confused is the pilot arc addition. The pilot arc is initiated from the torch of the plasma cutter when current follows from the electrode towards the torch nozzle within the torch head.

So the pilot arc heats the nozzle and the air blows the plasma outside of the nozzle in the direction of work; thus, it delivers the electric current medium from the electrode side to the working metal.

When the plasma gas i.e. argon, hydrogen, argon, compressed air, or oxygen, flows it moves the electrodes and hence the spark tip initiates a spark to make the final pilot arc in the action. However, there are several methods to initiate the pilot arc.


Today we solely talked about the pilot arc plasma cutter and we hope you get a somewhat clear understanding of this topic. If you are a novice, we recommend you get a fuller insight into how a plasma cutter works and what process it has for metal fabrication so that you can easily absorb its further types and additional working approaches.


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