Why Does My Plasma Cutter Keeps Cutting Out

Sometimes when you work with the plasma cutter, there are glitches or problems you are not aware of. Although you have picked and selected the right kind of machine, encountering issues is something that nobody can deny. While working and cutting metals, you might have wondered about the fact why my plasma cutter keeps cutting out?

As a beginner, there are high chances that you make a mistake while working with the plasma cutter. For example, the slower travel speed while you cut while the amps are higher becomes the reason for overheating the torch. It ultimately results in wear-out parts and affects longevity.

However, in this post, we will find out what makes the plasma cutter keep on cutting and if there is any solution to it.

Why does my plasma cutter keep cutting out?

Plasma cutters keep cutting out mainly due to the sluggish travel speed when you cut. On higher amperage, the slow speed ultimately overheats the torch therefore the parts become vulnerable to wear out. Due to this very reason, the arc of the plasma cutter can terminate.

If you are still somewhat confused about what causes it, here is the explanation for it!

Low air pressure occurs when the machine is running drastically low on air. If you have set the air conditioning pressure valve on the lowest settings it causes such an issue because the air mode is clogged.

To understand the “why” you need to understand how a plasma cutter works so that its working approach becomes lucid to you. Since it’s a machine it works by initiating the electric arc through the nozzle of the plasma cutter torch. It uses the gas which can be oxygen or argon or nitrogen for that matter. This arc is electrically initiated and the conduct of plasma and the arc find their way to the working metal.

So in simpler words, if the air pressure of a plasma cutter is perfect you won’t necessarily have to face such an issue while cutting or dealing with it.

Ideal air pressure for plasma cutting

Typically, the ideal air pressure for the plasma cutter is 60 psi. However, voltage management and settlement come as another underlying factor for the seamless working of a plasma cutter. Although you have the option to use the plasma arc cutter on its apex settings, it would let out the uneven cuts and can cause slag on the thinner metals. So with ideal air pressure voltage is something that matters for sure!


Dealing with minor issues and glitches with any machine is a common practice. However, we strongly recommend you keep the manual help in mind before you change the plasma cutter settings.

Moreover, if you are altogether new, work under supervision as it would affect the final results of your metal fabrication process. Generally speaking, most of the plasma cutting issues are related to settings, and if you fully know your machine chances are you will get the most out of your plasma cutting and metal fabrication process.



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