Why Is My Plasma Cutter Not Working

One of the most annoying things in a smooth working process is when it is no longer smooth.

For industrial tasks and heavy-duty metal cutting your machines and tools always need to be ready for performance. Yeah, we all know that.

But since we are working in the real world, problems arise. And if you have been working in the metal fabrication niche, there are times you might have questioned yourself, why is my plasma cutter not working?

So now that you have opened up the right page for your quarry, here you get the answer without any technicality involved.

Why is my plasma cutter not working

There could be multiple reasons why your plasma cutter is not working smoothly or not working at all for that matter. Here are the common reasons and their possible solutions. Keep reading!

Extreme high air pressure

One of the most apparent reasons for plasma cutters malfunctioning is the higher air pressure that prevents plasma arc cutters from working. If the air pressure input is more than 0.45Mpa. The excessive airflow can be due to failure of the air filter valve or poor input of air conditioning.

However, its solution would be to set the compressor properly!

Too much low is pressure

This is the reverse case. Like too high air pressure can cease the plasma cutter from working, low pressure can also do the same. Your machine would not operate smoothly if the air pressure is lower than the recommended range. Low air pressure weakens the plasma arc speed so it affects the final results. Its reason can be clogged air channels or a shortage of oxygen.

However, the solution is to repair or adjust the air pressure to the set guidelines. By learning the cause of low air pressure you will better opt for its solution!

Low input AC voltage

If the input alternating current voltages are drastically low, it would prevent the plasma cutter from working and operating and you will end up saying, why is my plasma cutter not working? Low input AC voltage can occur due to the malfunctioning of the main circuit elements in the plasma cutting tool. Like anything, it also has its solution for you!

For the seamless working of the plasma cutter, you need to check if the power grid is capable enough to bear the load capacity or not. Also, ensure that the installation area of the plasma cutter is located away from the electrical equipment to avoid electrical interference.

 The substandard channel between ground wire and workpiece

Another reason why your plasma cutter is not working is the poor connection between the metal and the ground metal. When you plan out cutting the metal, grounding needs to be efficiently and professionally done. There are specified tools that you can use to analyze the insulation that is impacting the connection. And to keep for the poor connection you should always use the new ground wire rather than the overly used one.

Special grounding tools should be used to check if there is any insulation that affects the contact between the ground wire and the workpiece surface. The aging ground wire should be avoided.

If the touch nozzle and electrode are burned out it can also result in a poor connection. And the solution to it is simple; keep cutting torch nozzles well-placed and keep the cutting distance well-adjusted!


The preciseness of setting operation in a plasma cutter is the backbone of its smooth working. By now you might have known this factor. In This article we included those common reasons that affect the working of plasma cutter; however, there can be certainly more odd reasons such as you might have forgotten to turn on the machine in the first place!!

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